Illuminated Electric

but most of us are stuck indoors


It's good to be in the sun


Here's how it works

Your body need sunlight during the day to stay healthy and regulate many of its functions properly. Including more natural wakefulness, immunity against disease, endorphin and seratonin production, and being healthy psycologically.Getting daily sunlight is the key to our well being.

But most of us are stuck indoors nearly all day long, under flickering flourescent light fixtures that sap our energy and give us headaches.

Artificial lighting consumes  35% of the electricity used in a typical commercial building, costing 36 billion dollars per year in the United States alone.


This video explains how the SolaLum sunlight distribution system works


What if you could distribute natural sunlight throughout a building similar to the way electricity is distributed now?

You will nearly eliminate the yearly artificial lighting costs, and the headaches associated with them. With all that savings, you will recoup your installation costs fairly quickly and you would gain the benefits of natural sunlight.